Spiral Freezers
• Cryogenic spiral freezers
• Mechanical spiral freezers
• Cryogenic spiral freezers convertible into mechanical spiral freezers

Freezing Tunnels
• Continuous in-line I.Q.F. freezing tunnel
• “Cryofood” cryogenic freezing tunnel with trays
• “Cryofood” mechanical freezing tunnel with trays
• Quick-freeze linear tunnels

Freezing Chambers
• Mechanical freezing chambers
• Cryogenic freezing chambers


• Leavening
• Pasteurization
• Baking
• Protection
• New Production Lines

Temperature lowering and freezing
This line includes two kinds of systems. One is merely designed to quick-chill food products to temperatures above 0°C. The other is an enhanced version of the quick-chill unit and is capable of quick-freezing foodstuffs.
Cogil S.r.l. can make a wide range of systems based on two distinct kinds of refrigerating technologies.One method consists in supplying the system with cold energy by using liquefied cryogenic gases, such as for instance liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide.
With the cryogenic freezing method, freezing is extremely quick to perform, and the size of the equipment is cut down by half. This in turn results in considerable abatement of initial costs, including the cost of the investment itself. Cryogenic freezing, however, is more costly in terms of direct operating costs.
An alternative method is to supply the freezing system with cold energy by means of appropriate refrigerating compressors. This method provides slower freezing procedures and therefore requires larger-size systems, more installation space and higher investment costs. This method of freezing is however more economical in terms of direct operating costs.